Yogamping Feb 2016

YOGAMPING (Yoga + Camping)

Yoga with Sagar is proud to launch Yogamping!

Come experience the bliss of Yoga + Camping.

In the quest of Yoga and Peace, come and join me to Detox and Rejuvenate, right on the picturesque shores of Melbourne's Brighton Beach.
This is a rare opportunity to experience the bliss of yoga and a camping holiday, in one weekend, in ONE GO, at such DISCOUNTED PRICES, and so close to Melbourne.
Not many spots. To avoid disappointment, please book a spot now by paying a deposit of $40 per person ASAP. Details are as below.
Please call me if you have any further questions in the matter.


Yogamping Program & Location

Location YogampingSome FAQs:

Q: Do I need to know yoga?
Ans: No, anybody can join. Even beginners can enjoy this retreat. I always advise all my students to do yoga within their capacity. Yoga is the time that you spend for yourself with yourself. It is not a competition.

Q: What kind of food will be served?
Ans: Only holistic vegetarian food will be served during the retreat. Remember this is the time to detox and rejuvenate.

Q: Do we have to join all of the program?
Ans: Not necessary but strongly recommended. For you to get the maximum benefit of this program, we recommend that you participate in all of it.

Q: Can we bring children?
Ans: At this stage, we are not allowing children. If they are teenagers then you can register them too. They will benefit from it too.

Q: What camping gear to bring?
Ans: Camping mattresses, inflatable beds & pillows, swags, doonas etc. If you have a tent, bring it as you can pitch tents outside. If you have a caravan you could drive it to the camping site and on to the shores depending on the size of your caravan.

Please bring torches, sunscreen and insect repellents as you would whilst on a camping expedition.

Q: Do we need to have tents?
Ans: No you don't need to have a tent to come to this retreat. There is a huge hall that will accommodate all of us to sleep during the night. All that you will need are sleeping bags, inflatable mattresses and pillows or folding mattress, doonas etc.

If you are one of those people who has a tent, we have plenty of space to pitch tents and then again, if you drive a caravan (depending upon the size of the caravan) it is possible that you can bring it right into the camping site on to the shores.

Q: Are there toilets and shower facilities available?
Ans: The toilets and shower facilities are basic but ample and are located near where we will be sleeping in the hall. Overall it is a blissful place to spend a rejuvenating weekend.

Q: Do you supply Yoga mats?
Ans: No, you will need to bring your own yoga mats.

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