Sonchoita is a practising yogi, who really prides on teaching what she practices. Sonchoita teaches everything that she has learnt from her guru in her own inimitable style. Her yoga students have reaped the many physical, mental and spiritual benefits of yoga. For the last 5 - 10 years Sonchoita has experimented on the effects of yoga on herself and other students on various ailments of the body and the mind and has witnessed and experienced amazing benefits from it first hand.

Sonchoita’s experiments with yoga have led her to a calmer and healthier lifestyle. As Sonchoita says, “Learning yoga is a lifestyle change, not just a mere form of exercise”. Turned in to a complete vegetarian she is a huge advocate of healthy and nutritious eating. She believes that health and weight loss begins in your kitchen and ends on your yoga mat. She enjoys a busy and challenging life filled with love, peace and good health. After all, “Health is Wealth”.