Titled Yoga Shiromani – Yoga Master.
Qualified from the prestigious Sivananda Yoga Ashram India.
Gold Designated Experienced member of Yoga Alliance Australia International.
Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insured.
First Aid Qualified.

Sagar is a practicing yogi, who teaches only what he strictly practices and experiences. A thoroughly experienced teacher, Sagar’s teaching method is not just associated with bodily yoga. Sagar believes in yoga being a body, mind and spirit journey that could potentially answer many unanswered mysteries about life.

At the very basic, Sagar’s yoga teaching will make you feel lighter in the body and in your mind. His style will definitely challenge you and urge you to consider yoga seriously and explore its various beneficial aspects. Sagar will definitely motivate you push your boundaries. Many of the yoga participants who have learnt yoga from Sagar have provided him excellent testimonials of his unassumingly brilliant ability to teach effectively and keep a class interested. The testimonials discuss how Yoga with Sagar has positively benefitted their health.

Sagar learnt yoga from his father who was his first Yoga Guru, at a tender age. After his father, Sagar proclaims Swami Vishnudevananda of Sivananda Ashram as his yogic guru. As Sagar says “One cannot do yoga. One has to become yoga”, to reap its complete benefits.

He has taught yoga for over 10 years now, still continuing to teach for charity elsewhere.